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AMORE-PACIFIC’s Engineer / Senior Yu se-jin, Senior Lee soo-jin, Master Lee jon-hwan
In-Cosmetics HQ Portfolio Director Lucy Gillam
In-Cosmetics HQ Exhibition Director Sarah Gibson
IBITA chairman Yun joo-teak
In-Cosmetics HQ Head of Marketing Ivan Rahal
DAEBONG LS General Manager Ham kung-man, Team Manager Ju chul-kyu


It is known that DAEBONG LS, a specialized company developing active pharmaceutical ingredient(API) and cosmetic raw material, and AMORE PACIFIC won “2016 innovative & Creative Raw Material Producer” with innovative, sustainable and eco-friendly squeezed green tea solution at IBITA Awards in association with in-cosmetics Korea 2016 ceremony, hosted by IBITA Chairman Joo Taek Youn, held on 7th July.
In the awards ceremony held at COEX in Seoul, it’s aiming for awarding a company that has competitiveness and takes the initiative in growth and development for future and keeps developing innovative products consistent for beauty industry and it is hosted by IBITA in association with in-cosmetics Korea.
In particular, based on 30-years accumulated raw material cultivation technology by OSULLOC farm, Sustainable agriculture system absorbing carbon dioxide considerably by growing organic green tea in clean Jeju Island was noted.
This system compiled the environmental- friendly cultivation technologies and also systemized the protection of the environment technologies through Pheromone trap, pesticide- free and organic cultivation technologies, vegetable prevention technology, precision agriculture technology based on research and development (R&D)

Also they have jointly developed “sustainable quality management” with AMORE-PACIFIC’s research institute through upgraded ECO-GREEN PROCESS without chemical preservative, which brought energy-savings, carbon reduction. These achievements widely recognized in this award.
“Sustainable and eco-friendly squeezed green tea solution” which is jointly developed by o’sulloc green tea farm and AMORE-PACIFIC’s research institute and DAEBONG LS hold a dominant position as the sustainable solution in global market
Park Jin Oh, CEO of DAEBONG LS, said that DAEBONG LS will keep developing ingredient and securing the original in Jeju Island based on accumulated sustainable philosophy during a 30-year experience in bio-industry, and we will continue to develop the innovative raw material which can have competitiveness in global market.

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